About P.L.A.Y

Physical Literacy for You (P.L.A.Y.) NWT is a network of organizations dedicated to the promotion and development of physical literacy in NWT.

In 2016, many partners invested in physical literacy development in NWT met and outlined some essential tasks and deliverables to help develop physical literacy in the NWT and address the ‘problem’.

Credit: S4L


P.L.A.Y. NWT aims to provide an avenue for interested partners across sectors such as recreation, education, sport, and health to work together to promote, implement and evaluate programs, services, and amenities that increase the physical literacy of NWT residents. 



To work together as a means to be efficient, effective and meaningful with resources to promote, implement and evaluate physical literacy initiatives.

Sharing Resources

To identify physical literacy resources (promotional & educational) that will be shared through a standard electronic library and provide access to the general public and committee members.

Training and Promotion

To promote physical literacy training opportunities.

We all have a role to play

Credit: S4L